The Stop&Grow Anti Hair Loss System

Hairdreams has succeeded in developing a new anti-hairloss therapy in close collaboration with scientists, doctors, and universities. The therapy has delivered impressive results: During the course of an in-vitro study, it was shown that excessive, genetic hair loss can be significantly reduced within just a few weeks. Consistent treatment increases hair volume by up to 23% in 3 months, depending on each individual’s situation and genetic predisposition[1]. For the average individual suffering from hair loss, this translates into new growth of up to 14,000 additional hairs!

System, Effectiveness and Studies

Hair Growth with  “Booster-Effekt”!

Stop & Grow Wirkung Booster_Effekt_090115


All this is made possible by the new, worldwide patent pending[3] PHT Complex, combined with an innovative 2-phase application. The substance is activated immediately before application by adding a “Taurin Booster”.

  • Effect-Phase (Phase 1):
    • Phytohormones (plant-based hormones block hair loss-causing DHT and awaken “resting” hair roots)
    • Tetra-G-Collagen ((anchors hair roots and prevents hair loss)
  • Booster-Phase (Phase 2):
    • Taurin-Booster (activates micro-circulation and amplifies the effectiveness of the main active substances)


The highly effective compound has an “awakening effect” on sleeping hair roots. Hairs fall out when previously active hair roots are entering a resting phase – they “fall asleep” and stop producing new hairs. The “PHT Complex” blocks DHT, stimulates cell division and causes sleeping hair roots to reawake and start the production of new, healthy hairs.

Scientifically proven

The effectiveness of Stop&Grow was examined and documented in 3 different studies:

  • In-vitro study at the Department of Dermatology, Universiy of Lübeck
  • Study at the Dermatest Institute in Münster
  • Hairdreams Applied Study
How does the PHT Complex work?

How does the PHT Complex work?

  • The effectiveness of PHT was examined in a scientific study conducted by the Department of Dermatology of the University of Lübeck
  • The University of Lübeck is a world leading research facility in the area of dermatology
  • Head of the institute and leader of the study Associate Professor Dr. Tobias Fischer, PhD is an internationally recognized expert for skin and hair.

Cell division responsible for hair growth was documented to have increased by up to 30%. In addition, hair growth speed increased by more than 10%, and the number of active hair roots increased by 23%. This implies growth of approx. 14,000 additional hairs within 90 days for the average person suffering from hair loss.

  • PHT increased the number of active hair roots by +23%![1]
  • This translates into…
    • 7 times the effectiveness of the currently most frequently used conventional hair growth substance.
    • Up to 14,000 additional hairs in 3 months for the average person suffering from hair loss

Hairdreams Stop&Grow:
  • Up to 23% visibly more hair volume in 90 days!
  • 7x more effective than the currently most frequently used active substance!
  • Scientifically proven![1]

The dermatological safety of the new compound was tested and assessed as “Excellent” [2]by the Dermatest Institute in Munster, which specializes in studies of product safety..


Hairdreams Applied Study: “Client Verdict = Grade A”!

The effectiveness of Hairdreams Stop&Grow was analyzed in an extensive applied study over the course of several years, and under real salon conditions. The changes in hair growth were meticulously monitored via microscopic images as well as hair style photos. In addition, all participants were regularly interviewed about their experiences

After only a few weeks,almost all participants reported that their excessive hair loss had been greatly reduced or completely stopped. After 3-4 months of application, 96% of all participants confirmed that their hair had visibly increased in volume, and they graded the Stop&Grow Therapy with an overall “Very Good” grade.


Maria K. (45) vorher

Maria K. (45) before

Maria K. nach 6 Monaten

after 6 months

Patrizia V. (32) vorher

Patrizia V. (32) before

Patrizia V. nach 6 Monaten

after 6 months

Sandra Schmidbauer, Salon Manager:

“It’s a great feeling when you can help a client who suffers emotionally due to his or her hair loss. Especially since the results are really quite astounding, and have far exceeded our clients’ expectations in most cases. Clients who have used all kinds of hair growth products in the past were particularly impressed and full of praise for Stop&Grow. Word of mouth has traveled fast and made Stop&Grow a very lucrative part of our salon business before we even had a chance to officially launch it.
It helps that these clients regularly come back to us for scheduled in-salon treatments and continue purchasing home care products while they’re here.”


Silvia K (56) vorher

Silvia K (56) before

Silvia K (56) nach 3 Monaten

Silvia K (56) after 3 months

Silvia K (56) nach 6 Monaten

Silvia K (56) after 6 months

Silvia K (56) nach 9 Monaten

Silvia K (56) after 9 months

[1] In-vitro-Study University Lübeck / Department for Dermatology / Dr. Fischer, PhD / 2014
[2] Study by the Dermatest Institute / Münster / 2014
[3] Patent granted in Austria, international patent pending, current as of 02/2015

Stop&Grow Effect: More volume and more zest for life!

Hairdreams Stop&Grow doesn’t only give volume. Each addtional hair increases the client’s self esteem and brings back the “Joie de Vivre” they have lost.

Hairdreams Stop&Grow works for both men and women.
For genetic hair loss, Stop&Grow can be used as a potent preventive measure even if the hair has not started falling out yet.

Hairdreams Stop&Grow also works for the treatment of fine and limp hair. It increases the productivity of the hair roots and thus allows hair to grow faster and thicker. Hence it can add natural volume even if there is no excessive hair loss.

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